10 Immutable Truths of Entrepreneurship

Here is a copy of a keynote I delivered at the GameOn Finance Conference in Toronto a few months back. I often give talks on entrepreneurship and the realities of living the fast-paced life of a start-up founder. Some things you just can’t learn at MBA school, know what I mean?

Against Perfection

Perfection -- all that it is cracked up to be?

I confess: I have a very strong perfectionist streak, but only around certain things in life. Website design is one of them. I am not a visual designer but I know what makes for a good UX, thank you very much. So many websites, personal blogs, corporate sites fall short of good UX. It’s a freakin’ crime in my book — right up there with bad manners.

So when it came time to find a good — and by “good” I mean “amazing” — WordPress theme for this, my personal website, let’s just say that it wasn’t easy. Or pleasant. Or fast.