Presentation: “Surviving Free-to-Play for Small & Early-Stage Start-Ups” [Exclusive]

Here is my portion of a talk that I presented along with Daniel Bernstein of Uptap. This presentation is “hot off the presses” — only available right now at this location. Hope that you enjoy it!


My Upcoming #GDC2013 Talk: “Hacking the Free to Play Space for Small and Early-Stage Start-Ups”

If you are attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the end of March, come see my talk:

“Hacking the Free to Play Space for Small and Early-Stage Start-Ups”

San Francisco Game Developers Conference

Location:  Room 132, North Hall
Date: March 26
Time:  3:00PM – 3:25PM
Format: 25-Minute Lecture

The free-to-play gaming landscape is more competitive than ever. What does it take for a small company to not only survive ? but thrive? Hear first-hand from Margaret Wallace, entrepreneur and CEO of Playmatics. She has had over ten years of experience running her own gaming start-ups and has also spent a lot of time working on the “other side of the table” at traditional publishers and with large media companies.

Scenes Around San Francisco [Original Photos]

The Eye Candy that IS San Francisco.

Here are a few recent snapshots I made around the city.

A Game of Frogger? Construction Photographed from Above


The Waterbar, San Francisco. Cool Elegance By the Bay


Monster Artichokes from the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market


A view of San Francisco while out on a boat on the San Francisco Bay. The lighting was pretty perfect at the time this image was made:


San Francisco Skyline — Downtown


Along The Embarcadero

Along the Embarcadero

Brand Fail: Why GEICO Got It’s Maxwell the Pig TV Ad All Wrong

GEICO’s Maxwell the Pig on a “Date” in a recent ad.

As far as their marketing presence goes, GEICO has done some memorable ads. The GEICO Gecko, the GEICO Cavemen and now Maxwell the GEICO pig have become household names.

As a company, GEICO is regarded as a creative stand-out in the advertising and marketing space — known for running several snappy campaigns at once. Without a doubt, GEICO can be credited with being the first “fun” insurance company.

So why, oh, why did GEICO get this Maxwell the Pig ad just so incredibly wrong?

The Other Red Meat: Want Some Horse Meat With That Beef?

A Meaty Matter: Truth in Advertising

Ik-meatball copy

Artist’s Rendition

Horse Meat seems to be de rigueur on menus across Europe these days. Personally, having horse for dinner is not my thing, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

One huge issue around this galloping food trend — or mane attraction —  is that this horse meat is being passed off as beef at several chain establishments and food corporations throughout Europe.

These venues (Ikea, Nestle, Taco Bell) have admitted that suppliers duped  them by selling them horse meat that was labeled as beef.