Gaming & Digital Media Executive
Advisor | CEO at Playmatics

Named in Forbes as one of twelve women in games to watch, Margaret Wallace is an entrepreneur focusing on the gaming, tech and digital media sectors. She is CEO of Playmatics (www.playmatics.com), a company dedicated to bringing rich gaming & digital media experiences to a variety of connected platforms. Playmatics focuses both on branded and original IP — with an emphasis on creating refreshing and disruptive interactive experiences, many with connections to the real world. Playmatics also recently debuted its storytelling comic book engine, called PlayComix (Download PDF for rapid cross-platform deployment of interactive narratives in the spirit of recent titles: “Breaking Bad: The Interrogation” and “The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning” for AMCTV.

Margaret is a frequent speaker on the topics of social gaming, entrepreneurship, real-world games and transmedia. She advises several start-ups in the mobile and online sectors.

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