Glitter Bombs! Bitcoin! Silk Road! Oh, My!

This week we tackle a range of topics, from Bitcoin, The Silk Road to all of those nasty glitter bombs that have been plaguing humanity since prehistory — or at least in the past few years.
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My Top 10 Observations from Casual Connect USA (SF, 2014)

One of the premiere conferences catering to the world of casual games, Casual Connect USA 2014, has come and gone. I know this because I was there — attending the show in San Francisco.

My list of 10 observations from Casual Connect is a random mix drawn from the business, the people, the culture and the industry from the past few days at the conference.

1. Playmatics Made a Good Show for Branded IP

All self-promotion front and center, my gaming company, Playmatics, was well-represented at Casual Connect — especially in terms of all the work we’ve done with major brands. Since we’ve been in business, my company has collaborated with everyone from Red Bull, David Cronenberg for Body/Mind/Change, the American Museum of Natural History, AMC’s The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad….

Digital Media Start-Ups: Tips on Surviving & Thriving

As an entrepreneur who has founded several start-ups and also worked at larger companies, some days I feel like I’ve seen it all — the good, the bad and the ugly of surviving and thriving in this increasingly competitive space. Here are some truisms I’ve learned over time.

1. Take Off the Beer Goggles — they don’t help with your love life and they are terrible for running successful start-ups.

Sometimes the truth hurts — but refusing to own up to your short-comings, success challenges or failures can spell disaster for you and for your start-up. What’s more, it’s very easy for co-founders to reinforce each others’ delusional thinking. That’s why it’s important to have checks and balances built into your start-up — whether that’s in the form of advisors, success metrics — even self-imposed deadlines for achieving certain milestones.
Truths and Observations in Running a Gaming Start-Up

Presentation: “Surviving Free-to-Play for Small & Early-Stage Start-Ups” [Exclusive]

Here is my portion of a talk that I presented along with Daniel Bernstein of Uptap. This presentation is “hot off the presses” — only available right now at this location. Hope that you enjoy it!


10 Immutable Truths of Entrepreneurship (Updated Keynote)

These are UPDATED slides from a keynote I delivered on January 20, 2011 at GameOn Finance in Toronto. Enjoy!

[slideshare id=6662876&doc=10immutabletruthsslideshare-110122094756-phpapp01]

Here I Talk with Women’s Wear Daily on Fashion & The New Digital Economy

Game On: Createthe Group Social Fashion Foray

My interview with Women’s Wear Daily on Playmatics’ work on The Game of Taste and the  new digital economy.

The Game of Taste, Photo by Kyle Eriksen for Women’s Wear Daily


“The Game of Taste is not one where users create looks and shop, nor is it intended to be something that users play and then forget about. It’s a skill based, fashion-centric social network and gaming experience developed with gamification mechanics and dynamics, according to Wallace, Playmatics’ ceo, who worked closely with Gardner and Slavin to envision how the moment-to-moment interaction in the game would occur. By making certain fashion choices in varying contexts and situations, players are able to compare their decisions to those of experts in the industry — all the while measuring, comparing and achieving better results over time.”

“A Place for Women Tech Entrepreneurs to Network” – Margaret Wallace’s Interview with Crains

CEO at ConsumerBell, Ellie Cachette, pictured below in blue, was co-host with Margaret Wallace, CEO of Playmatics at this event.

CEO at ConsumerBell, Ellie Cachette, pictured below in blue, was co-host with Margaret Wallace, CEO of Playmatics at this event.

“When Margaret Wallace, founder and chief of online gaming startup Playmatics, moved to New York from Silicon Valley in 2005, she had already launched two tech companies, both backed by venture capitalists along Menlo Park’s famous Sand Hill Road.

But in trying to raise funds for her third startup, called Rebel Monkey, Ms. Wallace found the Big Apple a tougher nut to crack. ‘New York is wonderful, and Silicon Alley is such a vibrant community,” she said recently.

Today’s Hot Topics: Mindjolt, Facebook Friends, Red Robot Labs

Here are some recent stories in the ever-exciting world of tech, media or gaming that have caught my attention:

“MindJolt gets a third of its revenues from social mobile games” – Venturebeat:

This story gained a lot of attention in the game industry. For a company like MindJolt to make any announcement around revenues is a pretty interesting moment. Some people were surprised that one-third of their revenues comes from social mobile games. Revenues are generated through a combination of micro-transactions and advertising revenue.

From the Vault: My 2006 Interview With “Business Week”

What my ‘vault’ would look like if it actually existed.

“Enough with the Shoot ’em Ups: Skunk’s Margaret Wallace develops casual games. Turns Out the Market for them is Huge.”
— Business Week, 2006


On the heels of my write-up on The Sheenification of America, I thought it might be fun to take things down a few notches.

So, today, I’m digging deep into my non-existent “Vault” that, if it actually existed, would all sorts of remembrances and ephemera from the world of tech, media or gaming.

Playmatics’ Margaret Wallace On Reality-Based Social Gaming

Shadow Government is coming soon to a smart-phone near you.

Here is a re-print of a recent interview I conducted for a great publication, called Socialistic, on our forthcoming game (Shadow Government) and on the topic of reality-based social gaming in general. The original interview can be found here. Enjoy!

The Socialistic Interview: Playmatics’ Margaret Wallace On Reality-Based Social Gaming

Shadow Government is a new “reality-based” social game being developed by Playmatics founders Margaret Wallace and Nick Fortugno in collaboration with Philippe Trawnika (formerly of the investment firm in partnership with the Millennium Institute. According to a description in TechCrunch, the game is a massive project that will “use economic and sustainability data, and government-modeling software from the Millennium Institute to give players a chance to build and run, or destroy their own virtual countries.”

Start-Up Years — The Terrible Twos?

Happy Birthday, Playmatics!

Playmatics — the gaming company I co-founded with Nick Fortugno — has just passed the 2-year mark. Happy birthday to us!

Year One of a Start-Up — A Litmus Test

Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs often say the first year of running a new company is the most challenging. You often hear about “surviving” the first year in business and that if a company makes it past the first year, it’s a sign that the company is in good shape.

10 Immutable Truths of Entrepreneurship

Here is a copy of a keynote I delivered at the GameOn Finance Conference in Toronto a few months back. I often give talks on entrepreneurship and the realities of living the fast-paced life of a start-up founder. Some things you just can’t learn at MBA school, know what I mean?