Ep 01 – The Digital Burrito Podcast: Tech, Gaming & Digital Media


You are just in time for the premier podcast of Digital Burrito — a lively and candid discussion of all things related to gaming, technology and digital media. In this episode: the state of the gaming industry; freemium games; what goes into successful mobile titles and more.

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Fortune’s “10 Powerful Women in Video Games” — I Made the List (#humblebrag)

Journalist John Gaudiosi recently put together Fortune’s List of “10 Powerful Women in Video Games”.  I made the list along with some amazing people! Woohoo.

The recognition comes at a time when the role of women in the gaming industry is in the spotlight. From the same Fortune article, Wanda Meloni (Gaming Business Review / M2 Research) comments:

Even with these positive points, there has never been more blatant reproach and harassment towards the women making games and female consumers who are growing the market with their wallets,” said Meloni. “The backlash has reached a head, and is something that is greatly impacting the market both from within and with consumers. The message continues to be one where women are unwelcome, but the women on this Fortune list continue to forge their own paths, and we applaud them for that.

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Above: The Tap Lab's chief executive Dave Bisceglia with GamesBeat writer Dean Takahashi. Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat Courtesy: Venturebeat

The Best Tweets from #GamesBeat2014

[Featured Image Credit:: Michael O’Donnell/VentureBeat]

Another GamesBeat 2014 has come and gone. Felt like the show this year sizzled as the gaming world continues to make tectonic shifts towards mobile and globalization of brands.  The conference contained 53 sessions — packed with topics ranging from How to Pitch Your Mobile Game to Apple to EA CEO Andrew Wilson talking about his theories on human needs and motivations in relation to EA Access.

Tweets About GamesBeat 2014

There were plenty of Tweets about the event. Here are a few highlights:

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Senet Game

Throwback Thursday: Senet — One of the First Board Games in History

Time for another installment of Throwback Thursday — a popular meme re-imagined.

Today’s Throwback Thursday: The Ancient Game of Senet

Senet is one of the first-ever board games that we know about.  This image, below, is of a wall relief painting inside the tomb of Queen Nefertari. In this image, she is playing Senet.  Senet was known to ancient Egyptians as the “game of passing.” By the time Queen Nefertari came around, the game had been played in Egypt for well over a thousand years.

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My Top 10 Observations from Casual Connect USA (SF, 2014)

One of the premiere conferences catering to the world of casual games, Casual Connect USA 2014, has come and gone. I know this because I was there — attending the show in San Francisco.

My list of 10 observations from Casual Connect is a random mix drawn from the business, the people, the culture and the industry from the past few days at the conference.

1. Playmatics Made a Good Show for Branded IP

All self-promotion front and center, my gaming company, Playmatics, was well-represented at Casual Connect — especially in terms of all the work we’ve done with major brands. Since we’ve been in business, my company has collaborated with everyone from Red Bull, David Cronenberg for Body/Mind/Change, the American Museum of Natural History, AMC’s The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad….

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Branded Mobile Games: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (LOGIN Conference, San Francisco 2014)

Branded Mobile Games: Opportunities and Challenges

Presented at LOGIN 2014 in San Francisco

So many beloved brands from the world of film, music, books, comics, consumer-facing products, television and much more are reaching old and new audiences alike via branded mobile games delivered on smartphone and other connected devices This goes for both old brands and new brands alike. In the competitive landscape of mobile gaming, an increasing number of content creators are integrating brands into their games, working closely with licensors, and expanding the ways in which fans can connect to these brands.

The talk I presented at LOGIN focused on top considerations that come into play when deciding whether to add brands as part of your overall content strategy. Majors issues to consider, including opportunities and challenges in branded mobile games, are covered.

Branded Mobile Games: Opportunities and Challenges

LOGIN 2014: Branded Mobile Games - Good the bad and the ugly

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Red Bull Focus

Playmatics “Red Bull Focus” Available Now On the Apple iOS App Store

Red Bull Focus

Pleased to announce that the latest game by Playmatics has launched on the iOS App Store. The game is called Red Bull Focus and we announced the game at SXSW recently.

Red Bull Focus Description

Red Bull Focus challenges you to touch, slide and spin your way through a photo puzzle world with a musical twist.

This audio-visual game  tests  focus, skill and reaction speed to beat the clock, your friends and the world.

Solve this global image tour by touching animated circles and placing them back to their original position.



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