Breaking News: Playmatics Wins Audience Choice Award At Made in NY Media Center Demo Day

Made in NY Media Center By IFP -- Playmatics HQ

Brooklyn-Based Start-Up Nabs Audience Favorite in Demo Day Competition

October 30, 2014, BROOKLYN, NY Playmatics, a gaming and digital media start-up, took home the Audience Choice Award at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP Demo Day gala event. The company picked up the award for audience favorite for its ground-breaking work in narrative-driven digital experiences – including games created using its proprietary comic games platform, PlayComix.

“I am extremely pleased that our extensive work around the intersection of story and gaming resonated so well with the audience,” says Nicholas Fortugno, Playmatics Chief Creative Officer. “Demo Day provided Playmatics with an ideal opportunity to present how I approach and lead the design of these digital storytelling experiences.”

Fortune’s “10 Powerful Women in Video Games” — I Made the List (#humblebrag)


Journalist John Gaudiosi recently put together Fortune’s List of “10 Powerful Women in Video Games”.  I made the list along with some amazing people! Woohoo.

The recognition comes at a time when the role of women in the gaming industry is in the spotlight. From the same Fortune article, Wanda Meloni (Gaming Business Review / M2 Research) comments:

Even with these positive points, there has never been more blatant reproach and harassment towards the women making games and female consumers who are growing the market with their wallets,” said Meloni. “The backlash has reached a head, and is something that is greatly impacting the market both from within and with consumers. The message continues to be one where women are unwelcome, but the women on this Fortune list continue to forge their own paths, and we applaud them for that.

Branded Mobile Games: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (LOGIN Conference, San Francisco 2014)

Branded Mobile Games: Opportunities and Challenges

Presented at LOGIN 2014 in San Francisco

So many beloved brands from the world of film, music, books, comics, consumer-facing products, television and much more are reaching old and new audiences alike via branded mobile games delivered on smartphone and other connected devices This goes for both old brands and new brands alike. In the competitive landscape of mobile gaming, an increasing number of content creators are integrating brands into their games, working closely with licensors, and expanding the ways in which fans can connect to these brands.

The talk I presented at LOGIN focused on top considerations that come into play when deciding whether to add brands as part of your overall content strategy. Majors issues to consider, including opportunities and challenges in branded mobile games, are covered.

Branded Mobile Games: Opportunities and Challenges

LOGIN 2014: Branded Mobile Games - Good the bad and the ugly

Playmatics “Red Bull Focus” Available Now On the Apple iOS App Store

Red Bull Focus

Red Bull Focus

Pleased to announce that the latest game by Playmatics has launched on the iOS App Store. The game is called Red Bull Focus and we announced the game at SXSW recently.

Red Bull Focus Description

Red Bull Focus challenges you to touch, slide and spin your way through a photo puzzle world with a musical twist.

This audio-visual game  tests  focus, skill and reaction speed to beat the clock, your friends and the world.

Solve this global image tour by touching animated circles and placing them back to their original position.



Playmatics to Exclusively Preview Red Bull Mobile Game at Upcoming SXSW Talk

Red Bull Focus: Coming SoonNY-Based Gaming Company to Unveil Exclusive Details Around Forthcoming Red Bull Mobile Title for the iOS Marketplace

New York City, New York, March 6, 2014 – Playmatics, a company dedicated to bringing rich gaming & digital media experiences to life, today announced that its CEO, Margaret Wallace, will exclusively unveil details about its forthcoming iOS game, “Red Bull Focus” at a panel taking place at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Playmatics was granted unique access to a variety of stunning images, art and music from Red Bull themed events from around the world. Wallace will provide a behind-the-scenes look inside the creative and design processes involved in making a mobile gaming experience that leverages the colorful world of Red Bull.

Mobile Gaming: “Getting Into Bed With an IP Licensor” (Slide Deck)

The Hound and His Chicken

Here is a talk I delivered on September 10, 2013 at the Yetizen Innovation Lab, called “Getting Into Bed With an IP Licensor” (more info here) — as part of the SF Game Developer’s Workshop. I had a great time talking about all of the ways that I’ve interfaced with brands throughout my career. It was also awesome seeing old friends and meeting new people.

Slide Deck: “Getting Into Bed With an IP Licensor”

“Getting into Bed with an IP Licensor” — Live Event in SF, September 10th


Brian and Stewie Family GuyAre you in San Francisco on September 10th? If so, please join me for a talk I will be giving along with other gaming industry types:

Getting into Bed with an IP Licensor
540 Howard St., 2nd Floor
San Francisco, 94105
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)

Here’s a Description of the Event:

Marvel, DC, Disney, Transformers – what do all of these big names have in common? ASSETS! No, we’re not talking about money here… it’s their IP licenses that we love. These large companies are pumping out new material all the time… tv shows, movies, toys, but not games!Indie game studios are brought on to develop, create, and transform these licenses into new games.

About Playmatics & Me — Gaming, Digital Media and Design [Slide Deck]

Playmatics LogoIntroduction to Playmatics (& Me) — Plus References to Some of Our Recent Work in Gaming, Digital Media and Design

Greetings! I know you’ve been waiting all day to see this latest deck I put together. What is it,  you ask? Simply put — a brief overview of some of the things I’ve been up to lately in the world of digital media, gaming, storytelling and design.

We’re in the process of updating the Playmatics website, so in the meantime, here’s some insight into the kind of work we’ve been doing — and the kinds of amazing partners we’ve had.

My Upcoming #GDC2013 Talk: “Hacking the Free to Play Space for Small and Early-Stage Start-Ups”

If you are attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the end of March, come see my talk:

“Hacking the Free to Play Space for Small and Early-Stage Start-Ups”

San Francisco Game Developers Conference

Location:  Room 132, North Hall
Date: March 26
Time:  3:00PM – 3:25PM
Format: 25-Minute Lecture

The free-to-play gaming landscape is more competitive than ever. What does it take for a small company to not only survive ? but thrive? Hear first-hand from Margaret Wallace, entrepreneur and CEO of Playmatics. She has had over ten years of experience running her own gaming start-ups and has also spent a lot of time working on the “other side of the table” at traditional publishers and with large media companies.

Playmatics’ Margaret Wallace On Reality-Based Social Gaming

Shadow Government is coming soon to a smart-phone near you.

Here is a re-print of a recent interview I conducted for a great publication, called Socialistic, on our forthcoming game (Shadow Government) and on the topic of reality-based social gaming in general. The original interview can be found here. Enjoy!

The Socialistic Interview: Playmatics’ Margaret Wallace On Reality-Based Social Gaming

Shadow Government is a new “reality-based” social game being developed by Playmatics founders Margaret Wallace and Nick Fortugno in collaboration with Philippe Trawnika (formerly of the investment firm in partnership with the Millennium Institute. According to a description in TechCrunch, the game is a massive project that will “use economic and sustainability data, and government-modeling software from the Millennium Institute to give players a chance to build and run, or destroy their own virtual countries.”

Just Another Day @Playmatics [Exclusive]

I’m not just the CEO of Playmatics, I’m also the resident in-house photographer. At least I think so. I love capturing those special moments in the office in photos because I know that every moment of a start-up is special.

With this in mind, here are a few recent — and candid — photos from Playmatics.

Take this photo, below, for instance. Do I mind that I am breaking into a meeting in order to capture a real moment in a photo? Well, of course not! That’s what I’m here for.

Here I am in Zurich, Switzerland.

Start-Up Years — The Terrible Twos?

Happy Birthday, Playmatics!

Playmatics — the gaming company I co-founded with Nick Fortugno — has just passed the 2-year mark. Happy birthday to us!

Year One of a Start-Up — A Litmus Test

Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs often say the first year of running a new company is the most challenging. You often hear about “surviving” the first year in business and that if a company makes it past the first year, it’s a sign that the company is in good shape.