Top 10 Songs the #NSA Listens to When They’re Spying on U.S. Citizens

NSA HQ in Ft. Mead Maryland, with musical embellishment

NSA Headquarters in Maryland. An unidentified NSA insider says: “Spying can be so boring! I find music helps me be a better spy.”

Are you incredibly jaded by the steady erosion of the right to privacy? No longer reeling from the bombshell news that NSA has been vigorously mining data from the biggest tech firms in the United States — including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft — in order to spy on its citizens?

Have you ever stopped to think how labor-intensive all of this spying is on the nation’s top spymasters?

The Definitive NSA Songs for Spying Playlist

Anyone who has ever caught an episode of “Homeland” knows that spying can be tedious business. Even though most spying of this type is handled by computers and algorithms both, mass and targeted surveillance still needs that human touch.

I have it on good authority that the nation’s top spymasters wile away the time by listening to these 10 songs. 

Google+ — Not About “Circles”, More Like a Downward Spiral

Google+ and It’s Discontents

What is it about Google+ that makes it so tedious to use? Why can’t the social network get the kind of traction it needs to really have it take off as a viable platform and contender of Facebook?

Every since Google+ launched, I have been luke-warm about it.

I really want to see the service succeed. As someone who makes games, I’d like to have more than one social gaming platform to consider outside of Facebook. I also love the idea of having all of my Google services integrated into one profile and destination.