#SochiProblems at the 2014 Winter Olympics: The Funniest / Most Poignant Tweets (Final Edition)

Sochi 2014 will probably go down in the history books as one riddled with politics, problems and persistent questions about fairness in judging certain events, like the women’s figure skating competition. In part, the games were over-shadowed by these issues.

Well Played, Sochi? Well Played, World?

The end of the Olympics also coincides with the recent uprising happening in Kiev, a city I visited a few years ago. So perhaps it’s petty to focus on the ridiculous, humorous and sometimes poignant tweets from the 2014 Winter Olympics.

#SochiProblems at the Winter Olympics: The Bob Costas Pink Eye Edition

The 2014 Winter Olympics will go down in history as one of the funniest. Snarky comments from Western journalists, athletes, tourists and far-away bloggers alike can’t stop going on about the deplorable conditions of the Sochi hotels, including rumors that one too many photo of a shirtless Putin abound as decoration of choice for said accommodations. On top of this, signage that best lost in translation and a slew of technical problems make armchair quarterbacking this shindig deliciously funny.

#SochiProblems at the Winter Olympics: The Funniest / Most Poignant Tweets (Part II)


The other day, I posted; some of the funniest or most impactful #Tweets (as judged by yours truly) from the Winter Olympic celebrations in the city of Sochi. Here’s Part II. Enjoy!



#SochiProblems: The Funniest / Most Poignant Tweets About the 2014 Winter Olympics So Far (Part I)

With relatively little fanfare when compared to Olympic Games of the recent past, and under a cloud of heavy worldwide condemnation over the oppressive policies of (an often shirtless) Putin — I think it’s fair to say that the Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014 is off to a bumpy start.

There have been numerous calls to boycott the Olympics because of Putin’s hard-line anti LGBT stance — a policy that has caused enormous violence and unrest towards Russian citizens — creating a climate of fear, intimidation and multiple human rights abuses.


A shirtless Putin — wall decoration of choice for many Sochi area hotels.

Photos of Zurich During My Visit to Shadow Government’s Zurich HQ

I’ve had the opportunity on several occasions over the past few months to visit the lovely city of Zurich. Shadow Government, Inc. has a lovely office there — in addition to our NYC Headquarters. Here are a photos I snapped while in this quiet but beautiful city — surrounded by water and mountains….

The Zurich Skyline

I love snapping photos of cityscapes and skylines. I really think there is so much to learn just looking out the window and observing what’s there. Here are some photos of the Zurich cityscape –a place so unique and full of character.

GDC Europe & GamesCom — Eating, Schmoozing, Sight-Seeing &, Oh Yes, Game Industry Business.

Part I

Gaming is Seriously Fun Business

I am fresh on the heels of my return from Europe for The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe and GamesCom, both events take place for a week every August in the lovely city of Cologne, Germany. If you haven’t attended these events, imagine GDC San Francisco and the E3 Expo combined, happening in all one place, but with more beer. Way more beer. Also more sausage. In more ways than one, but I digress….