Gamification is best for ‘influencing and impacting behaviors:’ Wharton panel event

A great panel at Wharton that I got to be a part of. Philadelphia is my home-town so it was an especially auspicious event for me as my mother, aunt and cousin came out to see me. First time ever they’ve seen me speak in person.

Gamification is best for ‘influencing and impacting behaviors:’ Wharton panel event (Technically Philly)

The following is a report done in partnership with Temple University’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods program, the capstone class for the Temple’s Department of Journalism.

Five Predictions on Where #Gamification is Going

Here’s a fun review of a panel I moderated at Stanford back in September 2012. Read all about it on VentureBeat:

Speaking at the MIT / Stanford Venture Lab in September 2012 on #Gamification

“At the close of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab event on gamification, moderator Margaret Wallace (pictured), chief executive of Playmatics, asked where gamification, or the use of game-play mechanics in non-game applications, is going next. In 15 seconds or less, the panelists answered.”



#Gamification: Can Treating Your Life As a Game Make You a Better Person? [Interview]

Here’s a fun interview that Nicholas Fortugno and I gave for a cover story for “Popular Science” magazine. How cool is that?

“To help design my gamified life, I enlisted Nick Fortugno and Margaret Wallace, the co-founders of Playmatics, a New York game-development firm. Together we created a plan for the week, part of which I would be spending in Durham, North Carolina, visiting my fiancée, Katie. We resolved to examine the results at the end of the week.”

“One full week of keeping track of absolutely everything, to see if gamification can net you a win in the game of life,” By Matthew Shaer, February.09.2012