Fortune’s “10 Powerful Women in Video Games” — I Made the List (#humblebrag)

Journalist John Gaudiosi recently put together Fortune’s List of “10 Powerful Women in Video Games”.  I made the list along with some amazing people! Woohoo.

The recognition comes at a time when the role of women in the gaming industry is in the spotlight. From the same Fortune article, Wanda Meloni (Gaming Business Review / M2 Research) comments:

Even with these positive points, there has never been more blatant reproach and harassment towards the women making games and female consumers who are growing the market with their wallets,” said Meloni. “The backlash has reached a head, and is something that is greatly impacting the market both from within and with consumers. The message continues to be one where women are unwelcome, but the women on this Fortune list continue to forge their own paths, and we applaud them for that.

Here’s to everyone working to make the gaming industry a better place to be every single day!





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