Timely (But Not Always Tasteful) Halloween 2014 Costume Ideas

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Halloween 2014 is just around the corner. In San Francisco, people seldom need an excuse to dress up in various costumes. Just last month, the city enjoyed the Superhero Street Fair — and then there’s always Burning Man Decompression.  For Halloween, everyone gets to dress up if they want to!

Whether you’re going to the Village Halloween Parade in NYC — or stuck at some awkward family party —  here are some Halloween 2014 costume ideas:

1. A Bendable iPhone 6 (Too Soon?)

2. Vladimir Putin Riding a Horse

Putin Halloween Costume

Putin Halloween Costume

For a manly Halloween — especially if the weather is warm — a shirtless Putin riding a horse is a must-do costume for Halloween 2014.

3. Group Costume: Characters from HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

HBO's Silicon Valley - awesome Halloween costume

HBO’s Silicon Valley – awesome Halloween costumes

HBO's "Silicon Valley"

Nerd Costumes are Easy!

Just dig into your already-existing nerd wardrobe and — voila — instant costume for Halloween!

4. Don’t Blink! Weeping Angel from BBC’s “Doctor Who”

5. Group Costume: The Guilty Remnants (from HBO’s  “The Leftovers”)

The Leftovers: The Guilty Remnants

The Leftovers: The Guilty Remnants

The Guilty Remnants -- Halloween Costume Idea

The Leftovers: The Guilty Remnants — awesome group costume.

In the phenomenal series on HBO called “The Leftovers” — the Guilty Remnants are a cult-like group that is mysterious and deadly. They don’t speak — instead use notepads for communicating. To show how hopeless everything is in the show, the members of the GR cult smoke. Constantly.

Probably the easiest costume in the world.

hbo's the leftovers

6. Emergency Ebola Health Care Worker (Really Too Soon?)

CDC Ebola Hazmat

Hazmat Suits


Hazmat Suits

7. A Bag of Weed

In terms of marijuana legalization — 2014 was a big year. Commemorate this landmark year by dressing up as a bag of weed!

8. For Kids: Ice Cream Vendor (How Cute)


9. Randy Marsh Dressed as Lorde (from Comedy Central’s “South Park”)

Sorry, Lorde.

Randy Marsh Dressed as Lorde from “Gluten-Free Ebola” Episode

10. Selfie Halloween Costume

Selfie Halloween Costume - From: BitRebels

From: BitRebels

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