How Reality-Based Games Are Transforming Our Understanding of ‘Play’ [VIDEO]

 Gamification of…the World?

Keynoting at Casual Connect Asa 2012 on “How Reality-Based Games Are Transforming Our Understanding of ‘Play'”

In May, I had a chance to keynote a session at Casual Connect: Asia. This was my first time ever visiting Singapore. I was really impressed by the level of activity happening in Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and The Philippines in terms of game development and the gaming industry in general.

Casual Connect Asia was a really special event for me. I met so many talented entrepreneurs and developers, interested investors, and people trying to make their mark in this every-growing and ever-competitive game industry landscape.

For my keynote, I was lucky to be able to speak about one of my favorite topics — the way we see gaming and game dynamics increasingly incorporated into the “real world” in one way or another. The title of the talk is: “How Reality-Based Games Are Transforming Our Understanding of ‘Play'”

Themes Covered in My Keynote

When most people think about social games, they tend to focus on titles like Zynga’s Cityville or Farmville. Both are very successful gaming simulations, but what if the farm or city a player built in games like these mirrored what actually happens in the real world? As the Facebook gaming platform matures and the mobile gaming space becomes increasingly crowded, a whole new type of social gaming is taking hold, one that, in a variety of compelling ways, embraces meaningful connections to the what is “really” happening. This 30-minute talk by gaming veteran and Playmatics CEO, Margaret Wallace, provides an overview of how gaming and the real-world are increasingly intersecting — whether you’re talking along the lines of timelines, location, living,””gamification” — working together to change gaming forever, maybe even changing the world.

As the lines between social gaming and reality are blurred, what are the implications for our industry as well as humanity?

The Video from Casual Connect Asia — May 2012

I did find a video of the talk online. It was one of my favorite talks I ever gave — even though it was interrupted several times by the emcee because no one had communicated to him that my talk was extended to an hour. It was really quite annoying (though an innocent mistake on his part) because it kept breaking my concentration and must have been a weird experience for the audience. Talk about managing an unexpected situation in the midst of public speaking. In spite of the intense jet-lag I was experiencing and the weird mid-talk interruption, this keynote still was one of my favorite talks to deliver in recent memory. I hope that bit didn’t make it into the video, but in case it’s interesting, you can check out the video here:

Casual Connect Asia (Singapore): “How Reality-Based Games Are Transforming Our Understanding of ‘Play'”

If you don’t feel like watching the video, I also posted my slides from the keynote here: