#SochiProblems at the Winter Olympics: The Bob Costas Pink Eye Edition

The 2014 Winter Olympics will go down in history as one of the funniest. Snarky comments from Western journalists, athletes, tourists and far-away bloggers alike can’t stop going on about the deplorable conditions of the Sochi hotels, including rumors that one too many photo of a shirtless Putin abound as decoration of choice for said accommodations. On top of this, signage that best lost in translation and a slew of technical problems make armchair quarterbacking this shindig deliciously funny.

NBC commentator Bob Costas has not been immune to these issues. About a week ago, it was reported that he was wearing so-called “hipster” glasses. Turns out that not one but two of his eyes were infected with conjunctivitis (pink eye). Costas was not immune to the #SochiProblems plaguing the most expensive Olympics in history. But social media can be a cruel commentator of its own — and Bob Costas (more likely his eyes) have become the subject of #Twitter laughs, chortles, ridicule and parody.

So with this in mind, welcome to:

#SochiProblems at the Winter Olympics: The Bob Costas Edition






























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