Worldwide Video Game Industry Statistics [Exclusive]

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Worldwide Video Game Industry Statistics

Worldwide Video Game Industry Statistics — you know you want them! So here’s a little deck I created which sums up the state of the video game, smartphone and internet marketplace.

This deck contains global data from all around the world. References are cited on the slides or in the notes. Enjoy!


Here’s a Preview of What’s Covered in This Deck on Worldwide Video Game Industry Statistics:

  • Video Game Usage and Data for the United States
  • Worldwide Video Game Stats
  • Individual Data Points for the Following Areas: Asia, Indonesia, India, South America, Europe, Middle East
  • Collected and Sourced from a Variety of Places

Why Did I Create a Deck on Worldwide Trends and Data in Gaming?

Because the gaming and digital media marketplaces are growing exponentially across the globe. Countries all over the world are rapidly adopting the newest technologies — especially smartphones and increasingly tablets. To stay viable in the gaming industry, it is necessary to understand the opportunities that exist abroad, in addition to serving countries already in our “comfort zone.” The biggest growth I see is in places such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia & countries in the Middle East.

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