Presentation: “Surviving Free-to-Play for Small & Early-Stage Start-Ups” [Exclusive]

Here is my portion of a talk that I presented along with Daniel Bernstein of Uptap. This presentation is “hot off the presses” — only available right now at this location. Hope that you enjoy it!



The free-to-play gaming landscape is more competitive than ever. What does it take for a small company to not only survive – but thrive? Hear first-hand from Margaret Wallace, entrepreneur and CEO of Playmatics. She has had over ten years of experience running her own gaming start-ups and has also spent a lot of time working on the “other side of the table” at traditional publishers and with large media companies. Offering some crucial advice to small companies and indie development houses on the opportunities in the free-to-play space, she will provide data and first-hand experiences around negotiating this ever-changing space.

What is the marketplace outlook in 2013 and beyond for free-to-play gaming, especially for small or early-stage start-ups? What winning strategies can be adopted? In addition to establishing a baseline on the market as it stands, other opportunities and best practices in the space are discussed – including the role of “fun” in the whole equation. Questions covered include the how private investment vs. traditional publishing deal impact product choices and realities, adopting a platform strategy, whether it makes sense to work with brands – and what are some contractual and product pitfalls to avoid in order to mitigate risk.

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