“The Daily Show” Mocks Google Glass Explorers [VIDEO]

Jason Jones of The Daily Show put together this incredibly humorous piece on Google Glass Explorers — done up in typically biting mockumentary fashion. In the piece, Jones is interviewing a panel of “Explorers” who were confronted by anti-Glass people in various places, including San Francisco and New York. Many of the interview participants I recognized from previous stories on how Glass wearers have become social pariahs in many circles.

Google Glass — The Social Derision Continues

Fair or not, the negative perception towards Google Glass and its wearers is too widespread to ignore. Heck, even Bill Gates seems to be hopping on the Glass-wary bandwagon. Gates was recently named as the inventor for a new patent filing that detects when a Google Glass camera is active, even going so far as to “jam” or blur images. What should have been launched as a cutting-edge fashion accessory has turned into the tech everyone loves to hate — especially those critical of the tech scene in general, fair or not.

Jason Jones’ “Glass Half Empty” Segment from  The Daily Show

You can watch the Daily Show video — featuring Jason Jones — right here:


In Spite of it All — I Appreciate Google Glass

Roll-out, product design and brand tone issues aside, there is much to be excited about in the world of wearables. Even Google Glass has, in my opinion, found a foothold in niche (that’s not a bad thing) communities — such as the medical field, in law enforcement, and even in restaurant inspection.  Granted, all of these various industries and applications do smack a bit of Big Brother in spite of laudable goals.