Throwback Thursday: If Peter Griffin Had a Grandfather it Would Be Fred Flintstone

Time for another installment of Throwback Thursday — a popular meme re-imagined.

Today’s Throwback Thursday: Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Has a Grandfather and His Name is Fred Flintstone

Today’s Throwback Thursday re-imagined takes a deep dive into the dark and sordid corners of animation, the tobacco industry and, yes, even the twisted mind of Seth MacFarlane. Not a bad place to be for this #TBT re-imagined, eh?

If I told you the television commercial that you are about to watch, below,  is from a mid-twentieth century episode of The Twilight Zone, you might believe me.  That’s because who ever expected to see this absurd-for-so-many-reasons commercial of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble hawking cigarettes and being particular boors towards Wilma and Betty in this bizarre television commercial from 1961. A television commercial like this is unimaginable in the 21st century — unless it’s a parody in a show like Family Guy.  Fred Flintstone makes me realize how much I appreciate Peter Griffin. Is that even possible?

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