Back to Reality: XRDC 2018 Comes to San Francisco

Busy downtown San Francisco provided an apt setting for XRDC 2018 (October 29-30, 2018), a popular conference that focuses on the AR, VR and XR industries. The compact and well-attended show brings together innovators, technology-makers and stakeholders involved in these emerging platforms.

XRDC also attracts attendees from a wide range of relevant and often overlapping verticals working in immersive tech for games, entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, science, automotive, advertising, analytics, and government-focused initiatives. As such, the show provides a good mix of program content tracks with talks and panels spanning business, product and creative for these sectors. Given its timing, location and the buzzy presence of key stakeholders, XRDC definitely provides a fair number of networking opportunities for those who are plugged in because of talent, access, tech or deep pockets.