Museum of Curious Toys & Games: The (Not So) Funny Face Board Game

Hello and welcome to an exclusive showing of the Museum of Curious Toys & Games. Each item featured in this unique collection represents a questionable moment in the development of toys and games throughout history.

Featured Item: The “Funny Face” Board Game

Museum of Unsettling Toys & Games: Funny Face Board Game
The “Funny Face” board game — the stuff that nightmares is made of.

Whitman was a board game company that was founded in 1916 as a subsidiary of Western Publishing Company. In 1968, Whitman had the crazy idea to make the “Funny Face” board game — screenshots from which you see here.  In 1979, Mattel purchased Whitman and they were eventually phased out. Lucky for us, “pieces” of this terrifying clown face game still live on.